Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services

k50_drain_cleaner Drain Cleaning

Kitchen sink draining slowly? Tub drain getting slower and slower? Main sewer line backed up? Trouble with tree roots in the line? The sewer experts at D.W. Bahr Plumbing and Heating have all the drain cleaning equipment and expertise to tackle all residential and commercial drain problems.

Our technicians are always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for all your drain cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on our quick response time for emergency back up situations to get the line back up and running. We clean everything including condensate lines, kitchen sinks, tubs, main lines and manhole blockages. No job is too small or too large.

video_cameraVideo Inspection and Line Location

Chronic back up problems with the same drain line? Having to clean the same line several times a year? Perhaps it is time to consider a video inspection. Our multiple color video inspection machines have the capability to view the inside kitchen drains all the way up to large manholes and everything in between. This equipment is essential in finding troubled sections in a sewer line such as breaks, roots, heavy grease blockages and other solid debris.

We have the ability to locate the exact location of the problem area from above the ground and obtain a depth reading on the pipe. The accuracy of this equipment is vital for a line in need of an underground repair. This ability eliminates guess work and blind digging, saving money on underground pipe replacements and repairs. Contact Us today to end those untimely back-ups for good and get to the source of your sewer headaches.

jetterHigh Pressure Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting hose machines are designed to clean the inside of sewer lines using directional high pressure jet streams. These machines are ideal for grease build-up, pipe scale, some root intrusion and any sewer line causing repeat back-ups.

As the machine travels through the line, it clears any and all debris restoring sewers to a “like new” condition. Hydro-Jet cleaning can also prolong the life of a drain pipe, and help to delay costly excavation and underground sewer replacement.

We have several different hydro-jetting machines that give us the ability to service a wide variety of sewer lines, from residential kitchen and main lines to commercial mains and manholes. Hydro pressure jetting is a great solution for repeat problem sewer lines.

We would be happy to customize a preventative maintenance program that fits your needs and budget. These programs have been proven to help prevent costly back-ups at inconvenient times. Please Contact Us today for service or more details.