toilet Fixtures

Our expert service team at D.W. Bahr Plumbing and Heating, Inc. is trained to repair, replace or preserve all your plumbing fixtures including tubs, faucets, sinks and toilets. A dripping faucet or leaking toilet has the potential to waste hundreds of gallons of water every month! We deal in all major faucet and fixture brands, and have access to thousands of parts for almost any faucet and toilet.

A professional installation team is ready to install all your fixture needs, from basic faucet installations to Jacuzzi tubs. Contact Us today for any questions or quotes on fixture repair or installations.

waterheatersWater Heaters

We offer a wide variety of tank and installation water heater packages. Many of our residential water heaters are customizable with 6, 9, or 12 year warranties. With over 150 water heaters in stock almost all standard water heater orders are installed the same day, and we install all major brands.

Have you ever considered a tankless water heater? With today’s ever increasing energy costs, an energy saving tankless water heater is a great choice. Tired of running out of hot water? Tankless water heaters produce an endless supply of hot water. Contact Us today for a quote.


Having trouble with slow draining sinks and tubs? Main sewer stopped up? If there is a chronic problem, our sewer camera can locate the source of the problem, and also pinpoint the exact location in the yard.

Our certified sewer experts have all the state of the art drain cleaning equipment necessary to clean and open any drain, no matter how large or small.

Contact Us today for all drain cleaning prices and service requests. We pride ourselves on our fast response time for those untimely sewer back-ups.


Do you have radiators or baseboard heating? Let us customize an energy saving boiler installation that will fit your needs. We specialize in system design, diagnostic control problems, and servicing all hot water and steam heating systems. Our heating division takes pride in their fast 24/7 response time on all emergency no heat calls. Please Contact Us for any boiler service.

backhoeUnderground Water and Sewer Lines

Is your main sewer line broken or full of tree roots? Is your main water service line leaking? D. W. Bahr Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has all the resources available for underground water and sewer line replacements. We stay with you from start to finish. We do all of our own excavation, cutting down on our costs and yours.

pipesPipe Replacement/Pressure Increase

Are your copper pipes Leaking? Do you still have galvanized lines in your basement? Are you having problems with low water pressure in your bathrooms? Most of those galvanized pipes are over 50 years old!! Not only are these lines affecting your water pressure, but your drinking water also travels through these rusty lines. Contact Us today for a quote to replace those old rusted lines with new copper or CPVC pipe.

cablesGas Piping/Appliances

Thinking of adding a new natural or liquid propane gas system into an existing house? Adding a new appliance to an existing gas system such as a fireplace, extra stove or water heater? Want to replace those old rusty gas pipes?

Our trained and licensed gas fitters are ready to complete any gas project you may have. D.W. Bahr Plumbing and Heating, Inc. installs all major gas appliances such as ovens, cook tops, ranges, water heaters, dryers and fireplaces, just to name a few. We also have staff on call and ready for those emergency gas leaks.

pumpPump Systems

Having trouble keeping your basement dry? Let us design a custom area-way drain and basement sump pump system to get rid of the water.

Another option is a battery back-up sump pump system. If you were to have a power outage during a storm, this system would keep the basement dry. Contact Us today for any questions or price quotes.

pipesPlumbing Remodel/Rehab

We offer a wide range of larger plumbing project services, including whole house plumbing rehab, house additions, adding a bathroom in the basement and many more. We are also happy to work in conjunction with general contractors on these types of projects.